10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

repair tools

We live in a world surrounded and depended on machines which need to be built, maintained and repaired periodically.

Hence, it is not only important but wise to invest in some of the tools which can save you from rushing to a handyman each and every time something breaks in your home. So here is a look at 10 tools that every homeowner should have at his place!

  1. Set of Screwdrivers: the most common and widely used screwdriver set is all you need when you need to open nuts and bolts of various devices. Look for various sizes of drivers to open and shut various products. The ones with magnetic tip are a bonus feature!
  2. Safety Glasses: There would be many DIY projects that you undertake for your home. These projects come and go but your vision should be your first priority. Hence investing in a pair of safety glass is a perfect plan!
  3. Pliers: Pliers are useful for forming a grip whenever you are working on loosening or tightening any hardware. They are safe to use even when you are working with wires. They basically work like extended fingers as they hold every small thing which your fingers can’t.
  4. Spray Lubricant: Water may cause corrosion at various metal surfaces including your vehicles. This spray lubricant help in removing adhesives, stopping squeaks and loosening rusted bolts as well by displacing the water that causes corrosion.
  5. Tape Measure: Measuring tape is a must have essential as it helps in providing estimate regarding the time and cost of any activity. You might need it to measure the ceiling height or to tie out the numbers in case of construction jobs. It is also helpful if you are carrying some flooring or roofing related DIY job.
  6. Hammer: Lightweight, shock absorbency and balance are what hammer provides besides increasing the strike speed and accuracy of the user. A hammer is required for various purposes at home and should correspond with the size of the nail.
  7. Flashlight: Don’t let Murphy’s Law bring your spirit down for repairing your basement or any other darkest corner of the house. Invest in flashlight, preferably a head lamp, so that your work is not hampered even in emergency power outages.
  8. Utility Knife: As the name suggests, this knife is meant to work as a knife for various purposes. It would slice plastic, wallpaper, carpet, wire, metal and wood too. You can call them little and sharp version of carpenter tools.
  9. Extension Ladder: Ladders are useful when you have to carry out any roofing project and also when you have to fix something near the ceiling of your room. It may be just replacing the old bulb with the new one or repairing the holders but it proves to be extremely useful. These ladders fold when not in use and hence don’t occupy much space.
  10. Cordless Drill: You can’t afford to call carpenter for every drill that you need at your home and therefore investing in cordless drill will ease your life. it works on lithium battery and is light in weight which makes them handy to use.

You will want to invest in additional tools over time, including power saws, but for now, this list is a great start to prepare you for most common home repairs and projects