Best Home Remodel Investments

There are two reasons homeowners undergo a home remodel. One is to improve and upgrade their living space in order for it to better suit their lifestyle or décor tastes. The other is to help improve the chance of selling the home in the near future.

In terms of the latter, it is almost always necessary to remodel and repair different elements of a home in order to sell it for a good price. However, each repair and remodel can be costly so you want to be sure to make the best home remodel investments that will help to sell your house.

Below is a list of the home repairs and remodel projects we recommend you focus on if attempting to sell your home soon:


We recommend tearing out old carpet and installing a hardwood floor if your budget allows. Hardwood floor is visually striking and suitable for both modern and classic décor tastes. It’s versatility and durability are very appealing to potential home buyers.

If you cannot afford a new hardwood floor, consider replacing some of the more worn down carpet or at least hiring a local carpet cleaner near you to remove all odors and stains from the floor prior to an open house or showing.


The #1 room that sells a home is the kitchen. We recommend investing the most time and money into repairs and upgrades in the kitchen. If possible, create more open workspace and storage space in the kitchen and invest in small details such as hardware or appliances in order to create a fresh, modern feel in the space.


The #2 room that sells a home is the bathroom. You should install a new toilet and any other necessary fixtures. Regrout the shower and tub or install a new one if possible and ensure the lighting is absolutely perfect in this room. Home buyers prefer a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom so keep that in mind if you plan to paint the room to help sell the home.


Every home inspection includes an inspection of the roof and if you feel your roof will not pass the inspection you should have it repaired or replaced prior to listing the home on the market.

You will make more money selling the home if a brand new roof is included than if the buyers know they’ll need to undergo the repair and costs soon after purchase.


In my opinion, painting is the most effective and most cost-efficient home repair and remodel for selling a home. If you painted your home in bold colors or decorated with wallpaper, now is the time to tear it down and paint the wall with something more neutral.

Neutral colors offer a welcoming sense in a home and allow more opportunity for potential buyers to envision there décor tastes in the space and the good news is that you can paint a room in just a couple of hours at very minimal cost.

If you’re selling your home soon, I would recommend completing at least two or three of the repair and remodel projects mentioned above.