10 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

We live in a world surrounded and depended on machines which need to be built, maintained and repaired periodically. Hence, it is not only important but wise to invest in some of the tools which can save you from rushing to a handyman each and every time something breaks in your home. So here isContinue reading

Chainsaw Safety Tips

Our last post discussed power saws. Today we want to discuss one of the more popular power saws – chainsaws – and how to safely use this dangerous tool. Construction workers, consumers, and landscapers often use chainsaws for their tree cutting jobs or to handle home improvement projects. This tool is very useful for allContinue reading

Power Saws 101

We covered Hammers 101 in our last post. Today, we discuss power saws. ABOUT POWER SAWS Whether you are cutting studs out from plates or under-cutting a door jamb in order to add new tile or floorboard, there is always a perfect tool to handle the job. A saw meant to handle a particular jobContinue reading

Hammers 101

The average homeowner or amateur repairman might only be familiar with one or two types of hammers. There’s the standard claw hammer, of course, and then the heavy-duty sledgehammer – but after that, how many other hammers do you use on a regular basis? Are you even using the right hammer for a home repairContinue reading