Chainsaw Safety Tips

chainsaw safety

Our last post discussed power saws. Today we want to discuss one of the more popular power saws – chainsaws – and how to safely use this dangerous tool.

Construction workers, consumers, and landscapers often use chainsaws for their tree cutting jobs or to handle home improvement projects. This tool is very useful for all woodworkers but it is important to know the right ways to use it. Always prefer to follow professional tips to use chainsaw very carefully.

Here are top tips that are useful for all chainsaw users:

Follow the Instructions:

The very first thing that every chainsaw user need to do is read the instruction manual properly. It will help you to know about all components, available functions, and various modes of the product. Although, most of the chainsaws are designed with same basic functionalities, in few cases you may find some differences. The instruction manual will help you to know about what this tool can do for you and how it will do that.

Care about safety procedures:

Note that chain saw works at very high speeds and it also produces too much dirt and debris so it is important to use proper safety measures. The best idea is to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as recommended by professionals. The list of PPE includes goggles, helmet, and chainsaw chaps. Never ever operate them when pets and kids are moving around.

Prefer to work at a dedicated work station:

It is important to set up a dedicated work station to work on the chainsaw and prefer to design it as per all essential safety procedures. Ensure proper radius around so that you can work properly and can also stay safe from flying debris and other cases of potential accidents. One more benefit of having a work station is that it allows you to work in controlled premises.

Stay aware of risks:

If you have to move to the field for cutting trees and wood with the chainsaw then it is important to run a check on your surroundings. You need to ensure complete safety in the area so that if a tree falls then also you can stay safe. Also, make efforts to be careful about animals as they should not get harmed by your action.

Double Check your Instrument:

Before you begin with your chainsaw, always prefer to run a detailed check on your device. Test all controls, bar, handles, the sharpness of chains and tension as well so that malfunctions can be avoided. Never forget to fill the oil and gas into reservoirs; once you are fully sure about your device then proceed with your procedure.

Careful Start-up:

When you are going to use your device for the very first time then prefer to use it on a flat surface. It is important to follow guidelines as per instructional manual and you can also prefer to ask professionals around you. The chain brake must be well engaged so that choke can be closed well; finally, bring the start switch to ON position.

Focus on your work:

The last and most important safety tip is to stay mentally present on your work so that it cannot cause any major harm.