Triexta Carpet Facts

triexta carpet

The current trend in home décor is hardwood floor. So much so it seems no one installs carpet anymore. We still love carpet though and there are new synthetic fibers being created all the time that improve the color, comfort and quality of carpet.

One of the newest carpet fibers available for installation in a home is triexta carpet. Most homeowners have heard of polyester and nylon carpet but triexta is not as well known. This is unfortunate because we feel triexta carpet is the best carpet fiber available for purchase.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of triexta carpet:


You can purchase triexta carpet in several different colors. The surface of triexta is not as lustrous or bold as polyester. The color is similar to nylon carpet which is still very vibrant.


We feel that triexta carpet is the softest fiber available for homeowners. The biggest benefit of carpet over hardwood floor is the softness and comfort and triexta delivers both. Your every step will be pampered and cushioned on triexta carpet.


Triexta carpet is extremely stain-resistant. The chemical PTT is used to manufacturer triexta fibers and that is the same chemical that manufacturers use for polyester carpet.

A new carpet should come with a manufacturer’s stain protectant for an extra layer of protection from stains. You can then restore that layer if you hire a professional carpet cleaning service each year. The company should be able to their own protectant and deep clean the carpet to remove soil, bacteria and liquid from the carpet pad.


Here is the best part about triexta carpet. The fiber is much more durable than polyester and is almost as durable as nylon. For many years now, nylon has been considered the number one choice for homeowners interested in durability. That is no longer the case now that triexta carpet is an option.

We recommend triexta for high traffic areas in a home and even in homes with little children or pets. The fiber is very resilient and will bounce back on its own after weight is applied. This means you should experience 10-15 years of quality from triexta carpet compared to polyester.


Triexta carpet is environmentally friendly because it is made from corn glucose instead of petroleum. Polyester had been considered the most eco-friendly synthetic fiber but now manufacturers feel it is triexta.


We know the cost of carpet is often the number one factor in determining which type of carpet you install in your home. Home remodels are not cheap and homeowners will sometimes cut costs when it comes to choosing the carpet fiber or cut or pile.

Here is the good news. Triexta carpet is cheaper than nylon carpet and almost as durable. You get the best of both worlds with polyester and nylon at a much lower cost.

It’s our opinion that once homeowners become more familiar with triexta carpet, it will become a very popular choice for flooring in the near future.

If your shopping for new carpet in 2017, be sure to ask the retailer about triexta.